Frequently asked questions

Registration and log on

Do I have to have an email address to register?

Yes, you need to have an email account that only you have access to (not a generic email/team email address). If you do not have an email address, simply search for 'free webmail' on the internet to find a suitable web-based email provider and set up a new email account.

Why am I unable to log on after registration?

Once you have entered your personal details, you will receive an email or SMS confirmation. To complete the registration process you must activate your account by using the link within the email or entering the 6-digit code you received via SMS. You need to complete this step before you can log on to Streamline.

Why am I unable to log on even with a correct password?

Your user account may be locked or inactive. Please contact the Statewide Hotline on 1800 239 074.

Does my password have to change every 90 days?

You can keep your password beyond 90 days, provided that you have registered your mobile number and complete the SMS verification process when prompted (every 90 days). It is important to keep your mobile number up to date through the 'My details' page.

What happens to my Streamline access once my employment with Queensland Health finishes?

If you cease employment with Queensland Health your Streamline account will only stay active for 30 days from your separation date. You will not be able to log on to Streamline after this time.

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Pay advices and payment summaries

Why are my pay advices not listed on Streamline?

Pay advices are listed for each Personal Assignment Number (PAN). Please make sure you select the correct PAN, click Search and then wait a few seconds for your pay advices to appear.

Why is my latest pay advice not listed on Streamline?

Your most recent pay advice is usually available on Streamline from 12 noon on the Monday prior to the pay day Wednesday. If you cannot find it after this time, click on the refresh/reload button of your web browser and refer to the Streamline log on page for any latest updates.

Do I get paper pay advices in the mail after I register for Streamline?

No. Paper pay advices are being phased out in line with industry practice. It is also important that you keep using Streamline to make sure you are ready for new online services coming soon. Speak to your HR or roster manager if you have a special circumstance that prevents you from accessing Streamline.

Do I get a paper payment summary in the mail after I register for Streamline?

No. Queensland Health provides you with your payment summaries electronically through Streamline.

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Repayments, loans and overpayments

Can I enter my credit card details into Streamline to repay by credit card?

No, Streamline does not accept or store credit card numbers. If you are repaying by credit card, you will be provided with a reference number to be used to pay with BPOINT (secure online payment facility from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia) at or by calling 1300 BPOINT (1300 276 4680).

Why is the only option to repay 'Single lump sum'?

When your total repayment amount is less than $10.00, the external repayment options are not available due to the administration fees incurred.

If I am repaying multiple loans or overpayments by instalments, which one will be paid first?

Your repayments are allocated in order from the earliest to the most recent loan or overpayment—based on the loan or overpayment start date.

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Please contact the Statewide Hotline on 1800 239 074 (7am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays) for assistance.